Coastal Population And The Marine Environment

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It is well known that approximately 40% of the world’s population lives within 100km of a coastline. Knowing this fully well goes to explain the effect which this population have on the coastal area and the coastal resources (Segal 1997). Generally, coastal population exerts enormous pressure on the marine environment and its resources due to seeking out a livelihood, it is also documented that a considerable percentage of the economy comes from the activities, occupations, and livelihood that really either directly or indirectly on marine resources and several other factors that are present there(Small, Gornitz & Cohen 2000). As a result of this, issues arise from conflicting uses of marine resources either through man’s interaction with the marine environment causing pollution and depletion of resources or through man’s interaction with fellow man giving rise to a dispute over use of space, unauthorised use and exploiting of resources (Cicin-Sain et al. 1998). All these activities, according to (Douvere 2008) have “considerably increased the demand for ocean space and it is certain that this will continue to be so in the future”. In recent years the phenomenon known as Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) has become increasingly promoted and sought after in order to bring about decorum to maritime activities. This became imperative due to increasing pressure placed on marine and coastal resources. This pressure occurs either directly through the increase in…
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