Coates 'Unattainable Change: Between Between The World And Me'

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Unattainable change

Ta-Nehisi Coates text Between The World and Me, which is posted as a letter to his son seeks to prepare him to live in a society were according to Coates blacks are not treated fairly. He starts by mentioning the fear of the black community in America, and the violence occurring. Coates tone is not very optimistic throughout his writing. He refers to “between the world and me” as a phrase that describes whites attitude towards blacks and how the white community maintained themselves as the ruling class, by looking down at non-white individuals. Many readers might view Coates as a pessimistic individual and may not concur with his ideology towards life and religion, however the truth he speaks about is not sugar coated it is straight to the point just as he is seeing it, which makes his writing interesting to read.

According to Coates, being black in Baltimore brought along many disadvantages, particularly in the ghettos were the blacks lived.The black community was
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Coates explains in detail how angry it makes him to know his race is worthless in a society were the dominant ones will always make them feel worthless. The labels “black” and “white” hold a sense of worth towards an individual which classifies them as powerless or powerful. Inequality will remain an issue due to those who seem careless for change. Change as a whole is impossible to occur when only a few are fighting for equality, which is why Coates shows no hope for the black community throughout his writing. What makes Coates writing unique is the fact that everything he brings up is related to his own experience living in the ghetto, having to struggle, and trying to survive the inequalities he is faced with day to day. (word
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