Cobalt (Ii) Oxygen Essay

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Cobalt(II) Oxygen adduct complex
Inorganic 461 lab

This experiment uses Co(salen) as a model compound illustrating the uptake of oxygen in hemoglobin. SalenH2 was prepared as the intermediate, and reacted with hydrated cobalt to prepare Co(salen). Using Co(salen) the oxygen up-take was tested. The synthesis of SalenH2 produced 0.65 g. The percent yield of salenH2 was 116% on the filter paper and 105% after transferring salenH2 to a vial. The melting point of salenH2, was 128 oC. The color of salenH2 was yellow. This was all expected from salenH2. The synthesis of Co(salen) produced 0.232 g. The percent yield of Co(salen) was 88.22% on the filter paper and 86.1 % after transferring the Co(salen) to a vial. Co(salen)
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A pressure equalizer addition funnel, water condenser fitted with a T joint and an oil bubbler was all added to the system( fig 2). The 25-mL Erlenmeyer flask was placed on top of a sand bath which was heat from a hot plate. Next 12-mL of 95 % ethanol was added through the funnel. The mixture was stirred and flushed with N2. A steady flow of N2 was maintained though the heating processes. A new solution containing, 200 mg cobalt tetrahydrate, 1.5-mL of DI water, was placed into a 10-mL breaker. This solution was added drop wise through the addition funnel to the salenH2 solution in the flask. The system was heated for 1 hr while stirred. The flask was than placed into cold water. Co(salen) was isolated by suction filtration using a Hirsh funnel. The Co(salen) was washed with 10 drops of 95 % ethanol. The product was weighted and placed in a vial the was placed into an desiccators. Till the following week for part C, determination of oxygen absorption by Co(salen). Determination of Oxygen Absorption by Co(salen) At the bottom of a 2x 18 cm side arm test tube, 63.8 mg of Co(salen) was added. Than using a graduated cylinder, 5 mL of DMSO was placed into a 25 mL breaker. Oxygen was pushed thought the apparatus, the test tube with Co(salen) was slightly shaken to expose all of the compound. The displace water lever was taken.
Results and data
This section will explain any data that was collect
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