Cobbler Scam

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The Cobbler Scam is one of the biggest multi million dollars scam in Indian History, is nicknamed The Great Cobbler Scam. What really happened in this Great Cobbler Scam was that various businessman & politicians had siphoned around $600 million US dollars from a scheme that was floated by the Government of India meant to benefit the poor cobblers of Mumbai. Instead, it went into the pockets of the elites who used this money to built
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Thakre decided to survey all the societies that had been formed. ``Normally, since most of the cobblers were poor and illiterate, we did not like to harass them with too much inspection. "This leniency on the registrar's part was misused by the businessmen,'' he admitted.

The BMC, meanwhile, complained to the police about huge consignments of raw materials (used for the purpose of shoe-making) being brought into Mumbai. Worth around two crores, these materials obtained octroi concessions. The police started making their own investigations, and both the agencies got suspicious when ``all the cobblers' societies were found missing.''A clearer picture emerged by January 1996 when flying squads with the registrar were given specific orders to follow a society to its very last. A report on prima facie evidence was made for the police by March 1996.

“My boys worked for five months, sometimes without the societies themselves realising it, and by August 1996, we got the complete picture,” he said.
DCP Sanjay Pandey, who had taken over the Economic Offences Wing then approached him asking for details, since he too was working on the case. ``By September 9, a report of 80 to 90 pages was ready for the police. "Till then, we had completed 19 raids and 51 societies were being investigated.'' The rest, as they say, is history.

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