Cobit Assessment Matrix

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2009 Capital Investment Ltd COBIT ASSESSMENT MATRIX COBIT 4.1 AS AN ASSESSMENT TOOL FOR ERP {Page 1 of 109} COBIT ASSESSMENT MATRIX 1. INTRODUCTION: At a certain point in time, every organization has to take steps to change/improve itself and its processes to comply with its own goals and that of its clients. The ultimate goal of a business is growth and that can be done in a continuous or a phased fashion. Everyone in the organization tries to hold on to their known state of operations, organization and processes stating that things have worked fine or are working fine. However this can only work up to a certain point where operations based on goodwill, minor adjustments or ad-hoc solutions no longer work and more drastic…show more content…
Activity—The main actions taken to operate the COBIT process Application program—A program that processes business data through activities such as data entry, update or query. It contrasts with systems programs, such as an operating system or network control program, and with utility programs, such as copy or sort. Audit charter—A document approved by the board, which defines the purpose, authority and responsibility of the internal audit activity Authentication—The act of verifying the identity of a system entity (e.g., user, system, network node) and the entity’s eligibility to access computerised information. Designed to protect against fraudulent logon activity, authentication can also refer to the verification of the correctness of a piece of data. Automated application control—A set of controls embedded within automated solutions (applications) {Page 4 of 109} COBIT ASSESSMENT MATRIX Balanced scorecard—A coherent set of performance measures organised into four categories. It includes traditional financial measures, but adds customer, internal business process, and learning and growth perspectives. It was developed by Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton in 1992. Benchmarking—A systematic approach to comparing an organisation’s performance
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