Cobra Beer

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This strategic report analyses several different factors in regards to Cobra Beer. The analysis was focused on the UK market and beer industry. The first section of the report looks at analysing Cobra Beer’s external environment via a microenvironment analysis. It accomplishes this in the form of a PESTEL and Porter’s 5 Forces analysis. PESTEL was examined in regards to the Beer industry and it looked at several issues, and analysed the critical issues in detail. Porters 5 forces looked at the industry’s sources of rivalry. Issues and problems were viewed for both with solutions seen at the end of the report. The external environment subsequently concluded that the beer industry is a very attractive but not a profitable one, as it’s comfortable to enter but tough to construct profits.
Analysis of the internal environment was later examined through the resource-based view. This looked at the resources and capabilities of Cobra Beer and analysed what resources and capabilities they have, and how they come together to create a competitive advantage. Issues and problems were viewed
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The first was the financial crisis in 2008, which concluded that debts were the reasons why the company was in trouble and was put up for sale. Relevant theories on how Lord Bilimoria acted were subsequently linked. In addition to how creditors were left in debt due to the pre pack administration that was organised, and how this wasn’t respectable corporate governance by Lord Bilimoria. Second crisis was in regards to the joint venture from Molson Coors that created a culture clash between the two companies and how they’ve overcome it. The final crisis was in regards to Lord Bilimoria being named in panama papers, which was linked to tax avoidance. Ethics was linked to this issue and a utilitarian approach and deontological approach was looked and concluded that ethics in regards to tax avoidance is a grey
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