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How The Coby The Cheetah Got His Spots

Coby the cheetah was not an average cheetah. For some reason coby the cheetah did not have any spots like the other cheetahs. He was a really said cheetah because he would always get picked on about not having any spots. His brothers and sisters nicknamed him “spotless”. He acted like he didn't really care around the other cheetahs, because he wanted to be like all of the other cheetahs. He was a very sad cheetah, and all he ever wanted to have was spots, Sometimes he would use a market to put spots on him, but they would just wash off in the shower. Everybody is cobys family had spots, he was the oddball of his family. Coby the cheetah mom would always tell him ¨”coby baby it's okay to be different,
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Coby started to not listen to what the other cheetahs were saying about him, and he would tell them ¨ it is okay to be different ¨. One day a cheetah came along named johnny when coby was sitting under his tree , and the johnny the cheetah approach coby and asked him why he didn't have any spots like the other cheetahs. Something was weird about this cheetah because the only person that could see johnny the cheetah was coby. Coby and johnny became friends, because johnny said that he could help get coby his spots, so the other cheetahs would not have nothing to say about coby anymore. So when coby would sit and talk to johnny outside under the tree , the other cheetahs would laugh because the thought coby was talking to himself , because they could not see the cheetah. Sooner or later johnny told coby that the other cheetahs could not see him because he was a ghost, and he died 2 years ago. He told coby that he came back to help coby out, because he saw what he was going through, and he really wanted to help him out. Coby got really happy because he never really had anybody that ever wanted to help him out, and coby kind of felt good because johnny the cheetah was his only friend that never…show more content…
Coby just knew he wanted spots, so every day they came up with more and more ideas but they all FAILED. So one day johnny the cheetah came up with a plan to get coby his spots. Johnny the cheetah met up with coby in bushes, and he came with a bucket of permanent black paint. His plan was to paint black small and big spots all over cobyś body that would never come off. So coby agreed to him doing it . It took johnny 3 hours to paint all of the spots on coby. After he was done and they paint dried coby went to hop in the shower. Coby got out of the shower and was the happiest cheetah there ever was he jumped up and down ,yelled, screamed, and said all day long ¨ I am a real cheetah ¨. The next morning coby woke up met up with johnny and thanked him for all he did. Coby walked through the wild and all the other cheetahs gave him compliments , and said they wish their spots were as bright and nice as his. Everybody loved coby spots. All of the other cheetahs asked coby how could they get their spots like that and coby told them ¨ Everybody is different in their own way¨. Coby was the happiest cheetah ever and finally had his spots.
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