Coca Alloys And Sales Department

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Improving Acacia Alloys’ Sales Department Acacia Alloys has been in business for over 100 years. Over the past century, the company has seen economic changes that most companies will never witness. No company, not even Acacia Alloys, can survive without responding to the current conditions of the economy, business, unpredictable external forces and internal fluctuations. None of the tenured staff, some with over 30 years of experience each, can recall such a sharp and protracted downturn in business. Due to this swift and unavoidable circumstance, Acacia Alloys must take this opportunity to review and improve. In order to gain maximum benefit from internal review and improvements, Acacia Alloys must address the internal communication…show more content…
The communication barriers between the sales managers and staff have been exacerbated by the unfolding of the personal relationship between the sales managers over the last six years. To further complicate matters, Acacia Alloys has made the common mistake of replicating a sales plan without a long-term strategy (Havlícek & Roubal, 2013). The personal relationship between the sales managers was unknown to the company prior to their marriage three years ago. Executive management at Acacia Alloys has not formally addressed this and, in turn, there are communication barriers between the sales managers and the sales staff. The sales staff has communicated with executive management about these issues. This information has been both offered voluntarily from the sales team as well as solicited from the executive team. Beyond these conversations, the communication concerns have not been addressed. Consequently, this issue has become more prevalent in the current economic climate. Due to a number of national and global factors, the demand for crude oil has dropped dramatically (Mohanty, Akhigbe., Al-khyal, & Bugshan, 2013). Over the past decade, Acacia Alloys has focused the majority of its production and new business development in this sector. This one-sided approach to business growth and maintenance has caused a sharp drop in sales volumes, production and new business. To stay afloat, management has implemented an aggressive pricing strategy.
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