Coca Col A Brand Of The American Culture

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The Coca Cola industry is a vibrant model that started in 1886 by John Styth Pemberton who was a pharmacist in Atlanta, which is the capital; headquarter for the Coca Cola Company. It is the world’s primary manufacturer of non-alcoholic beverage and operates on a global scale across over 200 countries worldwide with over 500 brands. The company is widely recognized by 94% of the world’s population (coca cola Coca Cola is largely successful, has become the iconic beverage of the American culture, is ranked number three in the world, and is regard as “happiness in a bottle worldwide ( The company post revenue of 5.37 billion dollars with a 2% rise in the North American market ( This report will therefore examine many different aspect of the Coca Cola company which as allow them to become the beverage and brand of choice worldwide. Customers/ Consumers The customers of Coca Cola consist of a large group of international retailing chains, restaurants and many small independent businesses. They also, have a large market segment those caterers to young people who make up a larger percentage of their revenue. The “customers are at the centre of everything we do” ( Customer inclination is focus around the business core values. This way building true affiliation, gives the ability to maintain sustainable value and lucrative growth in the business and for the customers in the marketplace. The coca Cola

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