Coca Col A Global Leader

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The following paper reviews the history of Coca-Cola Company, its SWOT analysis, and my proposal of a new product - “Maple Cola”, which is a healthy alternative of Coca-Cola soft beverage. The main strategic role of “Maple Cola” for the Coca- Cola Company is to maintain the company’s role as the market leader in innovative product introductions, to attract the consumers who are health conscious, which will result in increased market share for the company. The analysis allows us to outline the best strategies to follow for achievements of the company’s strategic goals. In addition, the report conducts STP analysis, outlines the strategies to implement an effective marketing plan and finally illustrates the evaluation of the implemented…show more content…
The fact that Coca-Cola is available in every country, including Cuba and North Korea, and sells 1.9 billion servings of Coca-Cola Company every day, is a proof that the Coca-Cola is the best-known brand in the world. Situational analysis Strengths: As we all know, some of the major strengths of the company are its unique brand identity, largest market share and customer loyalty. Weaknesses: The weaknesses include luck of health beverages in its multi-billion dollar food and beverage brands, and water management. Coca-Cola has been criticized for using too much water in countries where water is scarce and water shortages are widespread. Opportunities: As mentioned above absence in health beverages is a major weakness for the company, however creating diversification in the health and food business will improve the offerings of Coca-Cola to their customers. That is why introduction of “Maple Cola” is great opportunity to achieve this strategic goal such increase healthy beverages in company’s. Another opportunity includes packaged drinking water ( Threats: Coca-Cola’s main competitor is PepsiCo Inc. Indirect competitors are Coffee chains like Starbucks, Café coffee day, Costa coffee, which offer a healthy competition to Coca-Cola’s carbonated drinks. The main favorable demographic trend for the company that currently is expanding is the middle-class target market and teenagers worldwide (Wong, 2014).
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