Coca Col A Globally Influential Beverage Industry

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It comes to no surprise that sustainability is the newest trend and many companies want to be in style. Due to the ferocity of competing amongst other leading companies, an abundance of corporations have intently fixated their attentions on their enterprises and actions involving sustainable efforts. The Coca-Cola Company is a globally prominent beverage industry. With an all-encompassing acknowledgement, their sustainable efforts are substantially striking. Coca-Cola has various geographical domains that have diverse leaderships to help the world, particularly poverty stricken communities. The United State’s most recent Coca-Cola sustainability pledge called “Me, We, World” generated the objectives for social value and making a positive difference for the consumers and communities they provide for (Manufacturing Close Up, 2013). The major component for this commitment is to increase sustainability in protecting the environment or “World.” Competition drives success; with Coca-Cola leading the nation’s largest beverage company, their sustainable efforts are essential that aim to replenish 100% of water used in their products, reduce carbon footprint, and initiate climate protection. Background Information on Coca-Cola In 1984, Roberto Goizueta, once a director and CEO of the Coca-Cola Company organized the Coca-Cola Foundation. Over the last thirty years, the Foundation has developed from a regional association into a worldwide charitable establishment presenting $98

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