Coca Col A Soft Drink Invented By John Pemberton

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TV ads back in the day would try to sell you a product and say why you should buy it. As time goes on, companies got created with their advertisements, Some added edgy humor in order to sell to a younger audience. Some even hired celebrities to be in the ad for the appeal. Also, if something becomes mainstream, companies will take advantage of it by incorporating it in their products. For example, Marvel became mainstream thanks to their cinematic universe movies. Their movies became so successful that companies like Coke would ask to use their intellectual property in their ads. Coca-Cola is a soft drink invented by John Pemberton on January 29, 1892. Before Pemberton died, the drink didn’t reach any success because it was not marketed…show more content…
It is also a bit cheaper to buy. In the ad,it featured the Hulk and the Ant-Man from Marvel. Both of those characters are well known in the Marvel universe. Coke wanted to include those characters because of their mainstream popularity. The Hulk had his own movie that came out in 2008 and was a main character in the Avengers movies which, made more than a billion dollars world wide. The Ant-Man movie came out last year and was a box office success. Since then, these characters became mainstream to the public. Coke wanted to take advantage of the characters because they know that they will sell more Coke if they had the characters in their ad. It will make people want to buy coke since their favorite superheroes are associated with the soft drink. For example, a kid might think “ Hey the Hulk is drinking coke, I can be as strong as him if I drink Coke.” this makes the audience want to become like their favorite heroes. According to Signs of Life, Linda Serger wrote that “Many of these most successful films are based on...we identify with the heroes because...we wish we could do what the hero does.” (Serger pg. 387). Serger wrote that if the viewer is fascinated with the character in film or tv and wants to be that character, the media is successful on what it wants to do. In the ad, it opens up with Ant-Man sneaking into Bruce Banner’s (the human form of the Hulk) lab to steal his last Coke Mini.

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