Coca Col A Successful Company

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Coca Cola The Coca Cola Company is a highly successful company that provides refreshing beverages to over 200 countries around the world. This multinational corporation produces many different flavored beverages, but it is most known for the product Coca Cola Classic. Simply known as “Coke”, this product is the highest consumed soft drink around the world. The Coca Cola Company was incorporated in 1892 and since then the market for its products has continued to increase. Although the Coca Cola Company is one of the largest and best-known beverage manufacturer, there are many other companies and brands out there on the market. Competitors such as the Pepsi Cola Company are doing everything they can to outdo this number one company. The Coca…show more content…
Soon Coca Cola ads were everywhere and demand soared. “By 1895, Candler had built syrup plants in Chicago, Dallas, and Los Angeles” (Staff, 2016). During this time, the innovated idea to bottle Coca Cola came about. Making Coca Cola portable and able to be taken anywhere made its appeal that more desirable. “The Coca-Cola Company grew rapidly and before long expanded into Canada, Panama, Cuba, Puerto Rico, France and other countries and US territories” (Staff, 2016). Candler sold Coca Cola to Earnest Woodruff in 1923 and Earnest’s son Robert was appointed president. Woodruff spent the next 60 years making Coca Cola an internationally known product. He did this by introducing Coca Cola to the Olympic Games in 1928 and during WWII he supported troops by offering discounted prices. These examples help Coca Cola open operations overseas doubling bottling operations. After 70 years’ success, Coca Cola decided to add different flavored products to its already successful Coke. Over the next several years, other products were developed, Fanta in 1940, Sprite in 1961, Diet Coke in 1981, and during the 90s PowerAde and Barb’s Root Beer. During the 90s, Coca Cola also introduced the Always Coca Cola campaign as well as the ever-popular Coca Cola Polar Bears. Coca Cola continued to grow throughout the millennium and
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