Coca Col An Epidemic Spreading Throughout The United States

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Diabetes is an epidemic spreading throughout the United States. 29 million people in the United States currently live with diabetes. (“Center for disease control and prevention”, 2016). Coca Cola and Pepsi are two of the top soda distributers around the globe. Coca Cola has been a company since 1886 (“The History of Coca Cola”, 2014). On the other hand Pepsi has been avaible to the public since 1965 (“History of the birthplace”, 2013). These two companies have had over one hundred years combined to advertise, and sell their extremely un-healthy sugar filled beverages. That has aided the diabetes epidemic that is currently in the United States. If one consumes too much soda they will begin to have many health problems, which may lead to death.
First, it has been proven with statistics that sugary beverages such as soda have been related to deaths all over the United States. It has been estimated that, “184,000 adult deaths each year, including more than 25,000 Americans” (Gebelhoff, 2015) die because they consumed too much soda in their lifetime. To bring this into to perspective one in every one hundred obesity related deaths are because of soda (Gebelhoff, 2015). Drinking too much soda can lead too many deadly health problems, but the most common is diabetes. A study conducted by a Tufts researcher concluded that sugary beverages such as soda lead to as much as 133,000 deaths from diabetes will be because that person drank to many sugary drinks throughout…
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