Coca-Col An Overview Of The Coca Cola Company

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In this essay, we will be talking about Coca-Cola company, so let's firstly briefly describe it. Basically, it is a carbonated soft drink which it sold almost everywhere in this world, places such as, local stores, restaurants or even any vending machines, in airports for example. These drinks are produced by the company Coca Cola Atlanta Georgia, but among all of us we call it just a Coke. I would like to mention that Coca Cola has registered it's trademark in the United States of America in March 27, 1944. A person called John Pemberton has invented it originally as a patent medicine in the nineteenth century, however later on a businessman Asa Griggs Candler has bought this company from John. His excellent marketing tactics have led Coca Cola company to the first place in the world of soft drinks, Coca Cola's success in a market of soft drinks is unbeatable and undeniable. I would like also to mention that Coca Cola has also introduced several other drinks under the name of Coca Cola. The most common ones which we all know are Diet Coke (we will talk about it later)with others including Caffeine-Free Coca-Cola, Diet Coke Caffeine-Free, Coca-Cola Cherry, Coca-Cola Zero, Coca-Cola Vanilla, and special versions with lemon, lime or coffee, you can buy any you like. Coca Cola it a well known name, here it a small proof of it, in the year 2013…show more content…
Everyone loves this ad, as it was made brilliantly, no matter what age are you. Young, or old, single or divorced, absolutely everyone likes it. It brings you a Christmas mood. Even people who are fully aware that Coca Cole it not that good for your stomach and heakth in general are in love with their advetisings. There it also a saying: ”Everyone can produce a soft drink, but just Coca Cola can sell

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