Coca Col Company All The Time

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Coca cola want to expand their company all the time. That’s why they are keeping up to date with any changes and trends and at the same time they are trying to understand them to make changes that can keep the number of sale the same or increase them. Coca Cola aim is to give the world refreshment ,they want to inspire and induce a smile of happiness .However the most important aim for Coca Cola is to stand out by building lasting value. In the 1886 there was only one product of Coca Cola.However because of changes of customers needs,wants and also because of their health condition, Coca Cola decided to introduce drinks that will meet customers needs,wants and also will suit to their health condition or lifestyle. Currently on the market Coca Cola has 3,800 of different products, that includes 1,100 of products with low and non calories. In total Coca Cola had 47 slangs in the past. The current one is “ Taste the feeling”. The total value of Coca Cola is 20 milliards of dollars that includes all the brands. All the changes were made to meet customers needs and also to meet objectives in order to meet the long term targets/ goals. Those changes helped the company to be one of the leading brand on the whole world. At the beginning Coca Cola was only in one country, currently they operate global and products of Coca Cola are available in nearly every single shop.The Coca Cola vision as a company is to produce a large range of products and “offer the world portfolio of
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