Coca Col Marketing And Distribution Of Non Alcoholic Beverages

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Coca Cola is a vibrant model that started in 1892 by Dr. John pemberton. It is the world primary producer of beverages and operates on a global scale across over 200 countries. The head office is in Atlanta Georgia recommendation that could help them continue to be a dynamic producer of soft drinks in the marketplace the company is widely recognized by 94% of the world population. It is the leader in manufacturing, marketing and distribution of non-alcoholic beverages and many other product brands. The aim of this marketing plan is to identify Coca Cola’s segments, provide analysis on its marketing mix as well as to give recommendation as to how to company can improve the current structure of business. Introduction
Coca Cola is the
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These products are in various flavors and are accessible in all regions.
Coca Cola is the dynamic brand that is recognizable worldwide high in consumer demand in taste and the movement to a healthier lifestyle have encourage the company to implement products like coke zero, diet and other health sensitive products. The target for coke zero are teens who value taste over calories whereas diet products is target towards adults from 30-50 that are health conscious. Another sector of importance to the geographic segment is that of PowerAde it is design for adults in age of 30-50 and is health aware. Furthermore, minute maid products target all ages and are convenient goods for parents looking for fruit juice for children In terms of sport drinks they have a wide range of PowerAde for athletes of all ages.
The climate that exists within the geographic segment of Coca Cola is that the level of consumption is higher in the summer at about 60% because of the hot conditions. It as a lower percentage in the winter months at about 40% which allow them to put more focus on regions that have a higher concentration of hot climate.
Demographics segment
The focus is on those who are 14 years and older that is interest in Coca Cola and its product brand. The demographic segment examines the age, gender and income level of people using the product. Coca Cola is able to target both men and women with its diverse drink
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