Coca Col The Company

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Coca-Cola grew from a small business serving a small local area on the late 1800’s to one of the largest manufacturers of carbonated beverages. Over the 125 years Coca-Cola has been operating the company has introduced many firsts to the beverage industry, from making the product mobile to unique packaging that can be easily distinguished from other brands. Coke over the years has produced iconic products associated with the advertisement of their products that are now collectibles including vending machines, serving trays and calendars. Coca-Cola is the story of innovative advertising that supported a well-placed product. (Coca-Cola, 2011) Coca-Cola was founded in 1886 by civil war veteran John Stith Pemberton, who during the war was…show more content…
(Coca-Cola, 2011) The advertising for Coca-Cola started with a calendar in 1891, and by 1911 the advertising budget exceeded $1 Million. Coca-Cola in the 1920s looked to expand from being a seasonal drink to being a year round drink with a Santa campaign that helped consolidate the American ideal of the image of Santa Claus. Three of the company’s television ad campaigns are often ranked as being some of the best ever made, the three ad campaigns “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke” 1971, “Mean” Joe Greene” 1979, and “Northern Lights” 1993, are remembered by many born decades after their debuts. (Coca-Cola, 2011) Coca-Cola’s mission is indicative of the company’s record in not only filling the industries with benchmarks for the competition, but also of corporate social responsibility. Coke includes the mental wellbeing of the general public in their mission statement, not even limiting their goals to their own clients. (Coca-Cola, 2016) Their vision provides the framework and values that will help the company to continue to achieve the company mission. (Pearce & Robinson, 2013) Coca-Cola defines their “inclusive” culture with their seven core values, and value their employees and their company as the means to achieve the company’s goal. Even the early
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