Coca Col The Largest Beverage Company

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Coca-Cola has capitalized on the rapidly expanding beverage industry in the United States and has successfully infiltrated the gobal market where 70% of its revenue is reported. This journey into globalization has the company viewed as the largest beverage company in the world. In 2011, Business Insider reported that 3.1% of beverages consumed around the world is a product of Coca-Cola and/or its subsidaries. Currently, Coca-Cola operating segements are North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Eurasia, and Asia Pacific. Our team has researched and provided statiscal information to grasp the cultural differences and economic state of each region. Table 1: Countries Key Statistics United States Brazil Russia China Iceland Mocrooco Population 204,259,812 204,259,812 142,423,773 1,367,482,388 331,918 33,322,699 Language(s) English Spanish Portuguese Russian Chinese Mandarin German Icelandic Arabic AVI $43,585 $7,7522 $11,724 $6,180 $22,969 $6,634 GDP ($ trillions) 17.9 3.1 3.7 19.3 15.1 273.5 CI 15 38 105 37 74 88 Ease of doing business 7 116 51 84 19 75 Hofstede Ind./Collective Individual Collective Collective Collective Individual Collective Hoftede Time S/L Short Term Long term Long Term Long Term Long Term Short Term Hofstede Masuline/Fem Masculine Half/Half Feminie Masculine Feminie Masculine Economic development is defined by the ability to succeed internationally. It is important to understand the dynamic role that culture plays in this development as well
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