Coca Col The Most Successful Soda Companies

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Coca Cola one of the most successful soda companies in the world went under attack by pranksters. In 2014, Coca Cola introduced a new slogan called “You’re on diet Coke” for their diet Coke soda. This slogan was a mistake for Coca Cola to make because when they first created their soda back in 1886, it contained cocaine as one of the ingredients, which was common back in the 19th century. The diet Coke ad started a lot of parody ads that Coke Cola wasn’t ready for. One of the first people who started the parodies was a blog named Animal. Animal modified the ad that Coca Cola made right after it was released to make fun of the Diet Coke ad. Many parodies were created like the TV commercial parody of the Diet Coke, but Animal’s was the most noticeable and shared ad over social media sites. When Coca Cola saw that the parodies are beginning to spread quickly all of over social media, Coca Cola released a statement saying that they don’t use illegal substances in any of their products. Then after the statement, they discontinued the slogan. Coca Cola didn’t intend at first to make such an ad to promote the use of cocaine, but they should’ve known that it will create this kind of reaction. The original Diet Coke ad is just simple white background and it has the “You’re on” slogan on the top of the ad. Also in the background of the ad, there’s what looks like coke splashing on cane of Diet Coke and on the right of it there’s numbers that doesn’t seem to mean anything.

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