Coca Cola And Pepsi Cola Essay

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Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola are two companies who are control the industry of the soft drink. They are the companies who they have the biggest part in the soft drink market. Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola have four different components of the soft drinks industry value chain. They are concentrate producers, Bottlers, retail chains and suppliers (The Coca-Cola Company V. A. G. Barr & Company Ltd,1961) Coca-Cola overview The one of the main company control in the soft drink industry market is Coca-Cola company. It’s has operations in more than 200 countries. “To refresh the world in body, mind and spirit; To inspire moments of optimism through their brands and actions; To create value and make a difference everywhere they engage.”, is the Mission of Coca cola company. Coca-Cola company has many partners, which they working on bottling in the world. Coca-Cola company working with the bottling companies who they working with them to takes the Coca-Cola drinks to the customers, which they are more than 1.5 billion, the bottling companies are help Coca-Cola in conduct the marketing, distribution and working carefully with the customers. The market of Coca-Cola is growing faster and in many countries, such as Russia, India, China and Brazil. These countries are increase the growth of Coca-Cola market ( Coca Cola industry analysis There are five forces that are affect on the company working in the market. The competitive analysis is usually complete by the five forces

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