Coca Cola And The Largest Soft Drink Company

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Coca-Cola is known as one of the largest soft drink companies in the world. The company has sold their beverage products in the United State since 1886, and in more than 200 countries/territories. A Pharmacist named John Pemberton developed the company and product with the original intent of this company producing a patented medicine. Businessman, Asa Griggs Candler, saw a different possibility for the corporation as a soft drink company and bought out the company. Coca-Cola sells approximately 50 different beverage brands and products. Some of those products are Coke, Sprite, PowerAde, Minute Maid, Dasani, NOS Energy Drink and many more. Coca-Cola Corporation uses a unique strategy to produce and sell it products. They make their beverages available across the world through bottling companies. Coca-Cola works with more than 250 bottling partner companies. These bottling companies can be company owned, company controlled through influence, and independent bottlers. The Coca Cola Company solely produces concentrate/syrups for a large variety of their products. They then sell these to the bottlers to finish the production. The bottler typically will add different items such as water and sweetener to the concentrate to finish the production of the product. The bottlers are then able to sell and distribute the products to customers and stores around the world. On average before the most recent acquisition in 2010 of one of its largest bottlers in North America, Coca Cola had

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