Coca Cola And The Market Strategy Essay

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Coca-Cola has also experienced some frustrations in the market. In 2013, the company introduced a new brand called Coca-Cola Life; unfortunately, it is not more than a niche for now because of its vague marketing segmentation. In 2014, the per-capita consumption of soda products declined by 25% compared to 1994. In recent years, because some developing countries such as India and Brazil are suffering from volatile economic conditions, their consumers only have limited disposable income to purchase essential goods. For this reason, the company 's sales often decline in these countries.

Coca-Cola uses a standardization and segmentation market strategy. Coca-Cola has drinks for all types of markets. Their target market is everyone depending on the product. For example, Coke target market is 15-25 and 40 and up. Diet Coke and Coke Zero is targeted for age group from 30-50 who are conscious about their health. Diet Coke for women and Coke Zero targeted for men (Hill et al., 2014). Powerade targets athletes between the ages 13-27 and Minute Maid targets between the ages of 1-10 years old and 40 and up (Elbaz et al., 2011).

Coca-Cola pursues a broad differentiation strategy as their approach against competitors. Broad differentiation strategy is when a company differentiates its product in some way, such as by recognizing different segments or offering different products to each segment (Hill et al., 2014). Coke creates a product and service that is unique and valued…

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