Coca-Cola Positioning Strategy

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Coca Cola was born in the laboratory of Dr. John Pemberton in May 1886 in Atlanta, Georgia. Coca-Cola's own name was made by Frank Robinson. And marketed for the first time with an ad of banners with the inscription of oil paints labeled "drink Coca Cola". Although it was the title of "brand of the century", Frank Robison had experienced a loss in sales. Coca Cola formula then bought by Asa Chandler in 1892 that heavily promoting senhingga experiencing huge profits. Coca cola increasingly global sales thanks to independent bottling firms with licenses to other countries and this is maintained until now. In a positioning problem, there are a variety of positioning which changed each year is used Coca Cola. This is evident from the frequent change…show more content…
This shows the cultural adaptations that are used to get closer to the market products. The above list also shows the creativity that is increasing from year to year. Coca-Cola ad agency can always place their products in accordance with the target market are young and creative so trying to innovate in doing promotion but still follow what is 'hit' in the community. In Indonesia, Coca Cola has entered since 1927 and produced locally in 1992 by Coca-Cola Amatil Limited under the trade name Coca Cola Bottling purchased by a joint venture with several local companies first factory in Jakarta and continues to grow until the stand 11 independent companies distribution of Coca Cola and finally joined in 2000. Currently, The Coca-Cola Company is the market leader in beverage company with one product carbonated Coca cola beverage. This shows the confidence of the grower to the success of Coca-Cola stock in the future. In its promotional activities, Coca Cola always doing creative approaches through a variety of promotional methods. Moreover, that still exist and are relevant to consumers who are young adults, Coca Cola has always melakukkan rejuvenation products through…show more content…
The success of the campaign through social media world is no longer the success of the company, but has to rely on the closeness and trust between friends. Friends who give share to other friends already like to recommend or even with a voluntary share something that is a gift for a friend, so this makes the target range Coca Cola market widened because young people can give to others. The results of this campaign have a very significant impact for the sale of Coca-Cola, in Australia's own consumption of young children increased by 7%, virally in social media is able to create a media campaign impressions to more than 18 million, in the media world there is a term impression which means how the image of a bottle of Coca Cola or Coca Cola video appeared in front of media visitors. Similarly, the traffic on his Facebook Coca Cola increased 870% with "like" increase of 39%. 3.3 Coca-Cola’s Strategy
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