Coca Cola And The Non Alcoholic Beverage Industry Essay

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Coca-Cola Industry Coca-Cola was founded 125 years ago and has dominated the non-alcoholic beverage industry for a significant amount of time. It currently leads the industry in market share at around 40% and 1.9 billion servings are consumed each day around the world (Business Insider). The company is mainly known for their carbonated soft drinks, but they own around 500 brands of soft drinks, juices, bottled waters, sports drinks, and other types of drinks. Coca-Cola has a total of 17 brands that have individual revenues of over $1 billion including: Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Powerade, Dasani, Fanta, and Minute Maid (Market Realist). Coca-Cola is served in over 200 countries across the world and can be enjoyed by all types of people; however, they are targeting their advertisements to rapidly growing target markets. According to Market Realist, Coca-Cola spent $3.3 billion on advertisements in 2013 and these are geared toward Hispanics, Millennials, and Teens, because these groups hold significant buying power. There are many players in the industry that are necessary for getting the end products to restaurants, retailers, and customers. The value chain for Coca-Cola starts with the syrup producer and then moves to the bottler, distributor, merchant, and finishes with the final customer (Market Realist). Alternate Industry Definition Coca-Cola’s industry is defined as consumer goods, and then more specifically non-alcoholic beverages. One could categorize Coca-Cola as a CPG

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