Coca Cola And The Soft Drink Industry For A Long Time

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Brands are a representation of the consumer 's thought and opinion about the performance of a product, and as a business owner, you might own the trademark, which identifies the brand, but consumers will help define your brand (Boykin (no date)). Brands can also be defined as a combination of a product name, trademark logo, unique packaging and design, but despite these features, a brand does not truly exist yet because the product has no history. Therefore, this essay examines how and why Coca Cola has dominated the soft drink industry for a long time compared to other producers and this explains how branding has influenced the consumers and their buying decision.
The strength of a brand differs from one industry to another. In the past, branding was used to determine what goods belong to the different producers, but today, as well as determining the difference, it is used to influence the buying decision of consumers and this is why it has become a very important tool. The introduction of branding has become an influential part in the way we as consumers live our lives, this is because for every purchase made, it is decided based on the brand we are most influenced by. In this modern society, brands not only represent the product, but also have a strong connection with perceived quality, consumers ' lifestyle, social class and taste. Although, a newly established brand may have material makers (Name, logo and unique packaging), the perception of the brand strength cannot

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