Coca Cola As A Non Alcoholic Version

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Coca-Cola became one of the most notable brands in the history on mankind. The trademark design is completed by the white logo on the Pantone 484 red background. Being active in more than 200 countries, with a 120 years of history, this brand is noticed as the biggest in the world and it has come top of an Interbrand poll of all global brands. It is now estimated that Coca-Cola 's brand is worth £39bn. It was invented in 1886 by John Pemberton, the drink appeared on the market as Pemberton 's French Wine Coca, on that time it was considered a wine to treat cough problems. Due to the local prohibition laws, a non-alcoholic version was developed and a new name was created by Pemberton 's partner, Frank Mason Robinson. Robinson had the…show more content…
However, illustrations of a red-suited and bearded Spirit of Christmas have been visible in the United Kingdom starting in the 17th century. In the US, too, the american artist Thomas Nast drew the character from the mid-1800s, with no cast of colours, looks or hight. Coca-Cola first displayed Santa in its commercials in the twenties, which were illustrated in a method resembling very much to the Germanic Nast Santa. The Santa myth, as we know it, was introduced in european culture starting 16th century. In the early thirties, the illustrator Haddon Sundblom took over animation job at Coca-Cola, using the Saturday Evening Post newspaper. At that point the image management started to make any kind of outcomes. Blissfully for Coca-Cola, Santa 's red and white colour solution went well with its own symbol and Sundblom 's highly popular Santa cheerfully endorsed modeled the green bottles for the next 35 years. The best part of the Coca-Cola branding wasn´t the invention of the product, or even the manufacturing and distributing it, but in telling a clean, particular, periodically magnified proclamation about the product. Coca-Cola persistently advertised the quality of their product as part of their brand
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