Coca-Cola Brand Image Essay

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Coca -Cola : Claims, Values and Polices

Coca-Cola is a well-known and cherished brand name. When people think of this name, memories tend to overflow in their heads. Why? Because, not only does Coke taste great and refresh your own personal memories, it also fills you with memories of the Coca-Cola like "Always Coca-Cola", the antics of the Coke polar bears, and all of the different ads that have represented Coke over the years. Just about every ad you see, as a consumer, will have tons of hidden meanings. Coca-Cola may not always intend to present the same hidden meanings, but will always intend for their audience to see a commercial and hopefully crave a Coke product. I found a Diet Coke ad that really caught my eye in the
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You see it’s authoritative warrant is that it is a Coke product and therefore, is trustworthy of being delicious. The ad’s substantive warrant is much more carefully chosen. It contains both a sign warrant and a cause and effect warrant. The sign warrant is indicated by the Classic Coke bottle that is shown in the picture. It is impossible to see a bottle of this shape and mistake it for any other product. Since it is a Diet Coke ad, the cause and effect warrant implies that if you drink Diet Coke you will be skinny and have a proportionately curved body just like the bottle -- that is if you are a woman -- since this ad is believed to be centered around women. The ethos of this ad is telling that Coke products have been around for years, and at the same time, it has been over twenty years since the subject has been aimed at a high school audience. The Pathos, or supports for this ad, go far and wide to accommodate a lady’s emotional appeal for a skinner, more curvy figure. You can find many different hidden meanings within the text and pictures. The ad starts out with a brand new unopened bottle of Diet Coke and a recently delivered invitation to a twentieth high school reunion. The more she sips on her freshly opened Diet Coke, the more her memories of high school start coming back to her. At first, they start out as

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