Coca Cola Case Study

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Week Three Assignment
Coca-Cola is an international household brand. Created in 1886, pharmacist and inventor Don S. Pemberton’s now popular beverage made its first debut at Jacob’s Pharmacy in Atlanta, GA. The syrup concoction, which gained its name from Pemberton’s bookkeeper, was mixed with carbonated water and served as a fountain drink. Dr. Pemberton did not conceive the potential of his new invention, because of this he sold shares of the business to various partners Journey Staff, 2017). However, one investor, Asa Candler, a future mayor of Atlanta, savvy business man, and the first president of the Coca-Cola Company, did see the potential and worked diligently to acquire all the rights and control of the business. Eventually Mr. Candler achieved his goal, and in 1893 the Coca-Cola Company was incorporated as a Georgia corporation. By 1895 the meager beginnings of selling nine drinks a day had transformed into a successful brand which was sold in every state and territory in the U.S. (Journey Staff, 2017).
Candler used advertising aggressively to introduce the new beverage to consumers and attempt to establish Coke as a sustainable brand. Advertisements varied from clocks and calendars to billboards and commercials. In 1931 Coca-Cola started working with D’Arcy Advertising Agency and began placing ads in magazines. The same year they began Christmas advertising in an attempt to increase sales in the winter months. Unbeknownst to them, the image chosen to epitomize
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