Coca Cola Case Study

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The Coca-cola's company is an American multinational beverage company that was founded in 1892. His headquarters are based in Atlanta, in Georgia, USA. In 2012, it became the 3rd agri-food worlwide's industy behind Pepsi and Nestle,refering to the turnover. The Chairmann is Muhtar Kent and the CEO is James Quincey. It existed thanks to its legendary drink, the "Coca-Cola", an original drink that became famous after World War II and became the Americanism symbol. The soda created in 1887 was invented by the Pharmacist Pemberton. The first formula of the coca-cola was based on alcohol, and the kola nut as a substitute of being addicted to morphine but it was then modified without the alcohol. The coca cola then became in 1890 the first drink the most popular of the US. His official and historic concurrent on the american market and worldwide is Pepsi. Coca cola starts to grow and acquire himself other brands such as Minute Maid, or Fanta and associates himself with many sportives events and invest in many other industries all over the world such as Aujan Industries Company from the Middle-East, and in some other bottling companies (Japan,Chili,etc). In 2013, Coke’s products was selling in about more than 200 countries in the world with an average of 1.8 billion consumers drinking the company’s beverage every day. B) Aims/Objectives Many companies have challenges they have to face because of the fast evolution that the world is confronting every day, and new markets that
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