Coca Cola Case Study

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Employment engagement programs
The beverage organization Coca Cola has established programs to create and support employee engagement throughout their organization. For Coca Cola to promote engagement, they relie on their local leaders to promote and support the work groups. For these leaders, extensive training has been established to improve areas of leadership that can inspire and create a positive work environment. These areas are also seen as areas of engagement that can impact of business results and is the important to employee empowerment. According to Xu and Helena, a impactful and direct correlation between the levels of engagement and leadership style is where the leadership is caring and nurturing to create a work environment that can be conducive in order to increase the levels of engagement (2011). The leadership training also works on leaders practicing behaviors that are directly related to engagement as part of the leader’s daily routines.
Furthermore, Coca Cola put into place an engagement survey that was anonymous and was formed to identify opportunities to increase employee engagement, improve employee satisfaction, while providing the organization with the ability to increase its transition and growth through the employees. According to Robertson & Cooper, employee satisfaction and engagement in an organization has the capability to effect the productivity and efficiency in a positive way (2010). Employees who are more engaged tend to show a increased

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