Coca Cola Case Study

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Executive Summary On August 2003, Coca Cola India faced a sales drop due to pesticides residues issue brought by a non-government organization called CSE (Center for Science and Environment). This report aims at covering the case study from the Corporate Communication 5th Edition by Paul A. Argenti ‘s book page 284-299 (Case 10-1). These papers will include the case questions with answers, to analyze the key problems that Coke India should focus and how well-prepared was them in dealing with the crisis, as well as the key constituents and communication strategies that Coke India must do to endure the problem along with the conclusion of whether they have avoided the crisis or vice versa. The conclusion of study and references will also…show more content…
III. What is you recommendation for Coke’s communication strategy? Who are the key constituents? The key constituents that Coke India must deal with are primarily their consumers, NGOs, public, medias, then their investors, employees, and its suppliers/distribution channels. Coke India must do any strategies to bring back their trust. Coke must be honest in revealing the problem so that they can assure the consumers to believe them again. Besides, doing social responsibilities are important to gain more trust from public and potential customers as a proof that Coke is a reliable brand. Building a better relationship with their employees are important as well, as Coke India employed many Indians in their company. Coke must remember that employees are not only playing part as workers, but also consumers. They also must try to build a good relationship with the government and CSE as they played important role in India. By this, Coke will have a chance to get back their position as a leading soft drink brand, thus regain their credibility from its suppliers and distribution channels to work well together again and for investors to increase the investment and improve their economy decrease. Those efforts then will create a good publication which make the media covers the good side of Coke India and how

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