Coca Cola Company : Analysis

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Coca-Cola Company –SWOT Analysis
The local and international markets for carbonated and the non-carbonated soft drinks have remained competitive over the last century (Yoffie and Wang 12). The key players in the beverage industry include Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Nestle companies. The companies have been involved in the famous competitive war termed ‘cola wars,’ which revolve around Coca-Cola and Pepsi companies. The companies were formed approximately at the same time, with Coca-Cola being launched two years earlier. The two companies have been competing for the same market share as producers of both carbonated and non-carbonated drinks in the international market. Their competitiveness by today has taken diverse ways, including pricing wars, re-engineering competitiveness, and ‘cut-throat’ competition. Though Coca-Cola Company has established performance and competitive advantages, over the last decade, Pepsi has proven ability to counter competitive historical performance in the industry.
Coca-Cola has gained outstanding strengths in the international markets (Wolburg 352). The company has established brand identity and equity. With over one hundred years of operation in both local and international markets, the company name has remained outstanding and has harvested value in its name and proposition. Most users, current and potential, can identify the company products by its name. By branding, the Coca-Cola Company has developed recognition and self-image by its…

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