Coca Cola Company And Its History Will Be Discussed

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Throughout this paper The Coca-Cola Company and its history will be discussed. The first part of this paper is about who discovered The Coca-Cola Company and how is was discovered. The second portion of this paper gets into depth about the company’s history, it also covers the rise and fall of the company, and the in-betweens. It will go through the years of 1893-1904, the years of 1905-1918 and the 1980s.The third portion of this paper will discuss the five major kinds of drivers of globalization for the company. The fourth part of the paper will be Coca-Cola today, in the 128 years of success and failure of Coca-Cola, it is still going strong. This paper will end with an overview of the entire paper and the conclusion of the company’s history and all of the in between.
Keywords – Globalization, the Coca-Cola Company, Five drivers.

Everyone loves social media, Facebook, Instagram and twitter. This is a great way to get to get a good audience. The Coca-Cola Company is on social media too, they need to get their audience as well. The Coca-Cola Company has been around since 1886 and was a very important part of my family 's life (Journey Staff). There is a lot of good in the company and some bad in the company, but there are a lot of interesting things that are in the company (Journey Staff).
The Coca-Cola Company and their history, all started downtown Atlanta, Georgia in 1886, by pharmacist, Dr. John S. Pemberton (Journey Staff). Dr. John S. Pemberton got…

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