Coca Cola Company As The Objective

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Introduction of Coca cola In 1886, Coca-Cola was born in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America, which brought refreshing and wonderful feeling to people around the world. According to current statistics, 1.7 billion consumers around the world are drinking Coca-Cola products every day, and Coca Cola sold about 19,400 bottles per second, Coca-Cola Company owned more than 500 soft drinks and non-carbonated beverage subsidiaries, providing 1.9 billion cups per day Coca-Cola products to consumers in more than 200 countries around the world, and it also commitment to promote sustainable development and environmental protection by its energy-saving ideas in a long term. We decided to choose the Coca-Cola Company as the objective to investigate. How do people perceive Coca Cola 1. The idea of refreshing As far as us known, one of the most famous slogan of Coca-Cola is “refreshing”. This idea was first introduced into Coca-Cola in Atlanta in May, 1886. John Stitch Pemberton distributed Coca-Cola to Jacobs’ pharmacy. Only four five cents, people could enjoy a glass Coca-Cola. Carbonated water combined with a new syrup, a refreshing drink was given the birth. BOTTLED COCA-COLA First, COCA-COLA began as a fountain product. Candy Merchant Joseph were thinking another new way to suit for the title “refreshing”. So he began to produce bottled COCA-COLA in 1984, then the special bottle has become a symbol of COCA-COLA. TRADE MARKS COCA-COLA’s trade mark was registered with US

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