Coca Cola Company Challenges And Solutions

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The Coca-Cola Company–Challenges and Solutions Introduction The name Coca-Cola is one of the most popular brands in the world. The company ranked the largest company in beverages industry today. Coca-Cola Company continues to gain growth due to the prompt expanding across the world. Coca-cola operates in over 200 countries with 84,000-suppliers.70percentage of the company’s turnover to be from other foreign countries. This growth possibility is due to Globalization. John Pemberton founds the Company in the 1880s in the United States of America with a good reputation for consistency and high quality, in the early stage storekeepers requested for an attractive package with brand recognition. Coca-Cola Company focuses and…show more content…
Many suits filed against the Coca-Cola Company with the complaint of “child labor sweatshops and other countries suits the Company for being selective in providing health care to their workers. Another major challenged Coca-Cola Company faced was the infiltration of the beverages market by other strong Companies such as Pepsi analyzed by the company’s sustainability report. ( challenges.html). However, the challenges never let down, and Coca-Cola Company remain strong and overcome the obstacles by focusing on its mission, to provide good quality, satisfying, and refreshing products to their customers. The Coca-Cola Company uses a strategy of uniform tastes, which achieved by ensuring strict control of recipes and facilities. This strategy helps the Company in overcoming some of the challenges and the Company’s number one goal to be the number one beverage company in the world. 2. The solution Trends: Management is a very powerful aspect of development in every organization, creating this management department considered the first to the development and success of the company. Especially for a global multinational company like the Coca-Cola, the people factor creates such a global company, and for it being a global company, it is almost impossible to have a global unify policies and regulations for
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