Coca Cola Company 's Annual Advertising

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Financial Might
Coca-Cola currently has roughly 4.32 billion shares of its stock outstanding, with a share price as of this writing around $41.53 per share. This would put Coca-Cola 's market capitalization at roughly $178 billion. Taking cash and debt into consideration, Coca-Cola has a total value of almost $213 billion
Advertising and marketing capabilities
The Coca-Cola Company’s annual advertising spend was $3.98 billion in 2015, $3.51 billion in 2014 and $3.27 billion in 2013. Advertising expenses accounted for 6.9% of total revenues each year. In 2015, The Coca-Cola Company was the largest beverage industry advertiser in the world.
Distribution Network
Coca-Cola products are available via the world’s largest distribution network. The company capitalizes on a global network of owned or controlled distributors, independent bottlers, wholesalers, and retailers. This enables Coca-Cola to closely manage costs and rapidly introduce new items into the marketplace. These activities have facilitated market presence, high volume deliveries, and product saturation during in recent years.

Weakness from Foreign Currency Fluctuation
Coca-Cola operates using over 70 currencies, in addition to the U.S. dollar, and more than $26.2 billion of the company’s net operating revenues came from outside the United States. It transacts business activities in currencies which include the Euro, the Yen, and the Mexican peso just to name a few. Although the company does business in…
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