Coca Cola Comprehensive Marketing Plan Essay

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Running head: COCA-COLA COMPREHENSIVE MARKETING PLAN 1 COCA-COLA COMPREHENSIVE MARKETING PLAN 2 Coca-Cola Comprehensive Marketing Plan Hieu Le Columbia Southern University Coca-Cola Comprehensive Marketing Plan Products promotion contains of multiple works applied to sell goods. There are products promotions that provide customers to purchase products within a short period of time with a pricing discount. Additionally, product promotions are the competitive features to make a difference in pricing in order to motivate consumers recognize the company?s products and purchase it with a special incentive. Likewise, products promotions are often offer in short-term programs that demand involved party on the section of the customer through direct purchase or other transaction. The principal objective of the products promotions to provide a company increases its market share, to reduce unwanted inventories, and generate additional sales. Products promotions consist different methods, which include advertising, publicity, and public relation. Promotion Competitive Advantage Analysis Advertising Advertising is a such paid formation without personal presentation to promote particular product or service within a certain social media (Radio, TV, magazine, and so forth). Likewise, advertising is an effective way to inform customers geographically broadcasted with a comparatively minimal expense (Perreault, Cannon & McCarthy, 2015). An excellence

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