Coca Cola Comprehensive Marketing Plan

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Running head: COCA-COLA COMPREHENSIVE MARKETING PLAN 1 COCA-COLA COMPREHENSIVE MARKETING PLAN 5 Coca-Cola Comprehensive Marketing Plan Hieu Le Columbia Southern University Coca-Cola Comprehensive Marketing Plan Product pricing is the primary justification for value from a customer?s perspective (Perreault, Cannon & McCarthy, 2015). Majority times consumers lack a knowledge of the total cost of product that launching into the market. However, those customers may understand the benefits of product provide for them in the way of distributing value. Essential pricing satisfies the demands of customers and encourages the exchange operation. Furthermore, price demands that marketers acknowledge that each…show more content…
Profit Target return is relatively connected to profitability. When a firm is not performing well and has not meet the financial expectation in a specific earnings, investors consider as a failure and pressuring to the executives. Majority business corporations prefer that generating a long-term profit is a first priority, which satisfies to stockholders, investors, and stakeholders in their financial demand. Revenues: Only as target return requires a long-term profit for a business corporation, profit needs revenue in order to generate a financial surplus. To be succeed in generating of a superior financial result, executives need to supervise their demand marketing team to promote sales regularly in a daily basis of a business operation. Therefore, marketing management?s objective is to refine revenues in a few desirable model (Perreault et al., 2015) Market Share: Leadership of entire business organizations are considered with sustaining a reasonable percentage of the market share to lead their firm compete, maintain, prosper, and profit in the marketplace. Thus pricing tactic is a critical aspect in creating and maintaining market share. In order to attract sales and increase an appropriate share in the market, product pricing must be a reasonable set that allow consumers purchase regularly in significant numbers. According to Perreault et al. (2015), many business executives focus to grow their business market share in a long term.
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