Coca Cola Decision Making Process

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Coca-Cola: Corporate Strategies and What Affects Decisions
Laquisha Highsmith
Columbia Southern University

Coca-Cola: Corporate Strategies and What Affects Decisions
Does Coca-Cola allow various factors to influence the decision-making process? There are different strategy levels striving to meet or exceed overall corporate strategies within Coca-Cola. This essay will discuss functional, stability, competitive versus cooperative, trade offs, and retrenchment strategies. It will also provide examples or advantages and disadvantages the company utilizes at a corporate strategic management for tailor logical portfolio decision changes when warranted. Leading off with the first topic of this discussion, what is a functional strategy and can it affect decision-making?
First, functional level strategies appear in specific tasks or operations within several departments such as human resources operations, and finance providing valuable input in line with higher corporate level strategies (Bradley, n.d.). For Coca-Cola, there are other functional departments to include, for example, a research and development (R&D) and marketing. The daily operations at this level of strategic planning can influence the decision-making process by promoting changes or by keeping up with the status quo procedures to gauge other possible departmental findings. Within Coca-Cola, there are advantages and disadvantages incorporating stability strategies. Next, what are stability strategies and
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