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Coca Cola Kalvin Williams MGT/445 August 23, 2010 Mr. Dennis Stroud Coca Cola The Coca Cola Company begins in Jacob’s Pharmacy selling for five cents. Many years have past and the Coca Cola Company remains the leader in beverages, syrups, and non-alcoholic drinks. The following paragraphs will discuss how a complete performance management system and annual performance appraisals at Coca Cola are different and how effective various performance appraisals methods and relevant problems affect performance appraisals. The paragraphs will also discuss the advantages Coca Cola has managing turnover, examine contemporary safety and health management issues at Coca Cola, and discuss future trends and challenges in HR management.…show more content…
TCCSMS ensure coca colas are in compliance with manufacturing operations with applicable laws and regulations in accordance the company’s occupational safety and health requirements. Trends and Challenges In an ever- changing business world human resources management face many challenges in the workplace. Workplace diversity and motivating employees is among the many challenges faced by of Human Resources management. Adapting to diversity and generational issues are just a few challenges to be met. HR may find that they are at advantage if they can bridge the gap in cultural awareness and age difference. Establishing aspects as these are critical to on organizations success (Chan, 2010). Another big change in recent years has been the introductions of various technologies, which have allowed HR departments to minimize staff time, spent on administrative tasks and focus more on the company’s strategy. Technology has sped up the selection process of recruitment and allowed employees to complete benefits online. HR departments must meet the challenges of ensuring staff training and development for companies such as Coca Cola to be successful in the future (Chan, 2010). Performance Management * Performance management is a process that employers use to evaluate an employee from the time the employee is hired for a business and until the employee leaves the business. Between the time the

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