Coca Cola Great Britain ( Ccgb ) Essay

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Since 1980, the worldwide obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and type II diabetes figures have more than doubled, affecting the overall global health of the population. According to Egger et al., (2013) a critical factor in these increases is the high consumption of carbonated soft drinks and sugary fruit drinks. Sanjay et al., (2013, 2077) suggested the requirement for stronger preventive measures to rescue the health of the global population, surmising the need for greater education and transparent nature of the ingredients will aid influence behavioural changes. Coca-Cola Great Britain (CCGB), is the largest manufacturer, distributor, and marketer of non-alcoholic beverage in the UK, employing 4000 people and operating out of 13 locations (Odell, 2015). CCGB currently produce 19 brands and 96 different products and have UK sales rates of 4 billion bottles and cans per year. Which has aided in CCGB achieve as the market leaders and cemented their presence as one of the most globally recognisable products. (Jorgensen, 1994). In 2015 Coca Cola unveiled a new retail marketing strategy, entitled “the One Brand” strategy, designed to directly addressing the issue of changing consumer attitudes and behaviours, caused by the worldwide debate around sugar and its links to obesity (Roderick, 2016). 1.1 Research Aim The aim of this paper is to apply theoretical frameworks to examine the changes in consumer attitude and behavioural challenging Coca Cola’s UK emerging “One

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