Coca Cola Green Initiatives

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Coca Cola Green Initiatives Nicole Johnson MGT/470 Green Initiatives Implementation of sustainability plans by small businesses and global organizations have become one of the top priorities for businesses. Companies have become environmentally conscious of materials used in the production of goods, energy use in manufacturing, and modes of transportation for products. These organizations have become active in the effort to reduce greenhouse gases by using energy efficient facilities, recyclable materials in building new facilities, and alternative transportation methods. The Coca-Cola Company is not an exception. Coca Cola has manufacturing plants across the globe. The company consults with the bottling partners and outlays…show more content…
The KORE total quality management system is mandated at all plants across the continent. ISO standards can be seen across Coca Cola’s manufacturing process. Water consumption at Coca Cola exhibits key components of ISO standards. During the manufacturing process the company returns water to the environment to support agriculture and aquatic life. Recyclable products are used in the packaging of products. The company has made investments in technology that supports the use of recyclable materials. Energy and emissions is another area where ISO standards can be found. Transportation, vending machines, and facilities are all areas where energy consumption is monitored at Coca Cola. Benefits Consumers and stakeholders benefit from the efforts initiated by Coca Cola in the area of sustainability. Global consumers benefit because the company showcases a wide variety of beverages in multiple markets. The quality controls in place ensure that the product packaging meets the requirements of consumers. Costs are in line with the market. Stakeholders benefit from the initiatives because the company is taking a responsible approach to manufacture the beverages. Public interest groups are not launching protests against the company for materials used in production of the beverages. The production efforts are managed by ISO standards so there is a reduction in the workers compensation claims against the company.
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