Coca Cola - Growth, Employment, Business Cycle And Inflation Essays

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Introduction Fiscal Policy affects The Coca-Cola Company as it does many other businesses. The four components of Fiscal Policy are employment, growth, business cycle and inflation. The following discusses the different aspects of Fiscal Policy as related to The Coca-Cola Company. Employment One of the Coca-Cola Company’s strongest strengths lies in its ability to conduct business on a global scale while maintaining a local approach, one of the most intelligent strategies thought up by the human resource department of Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola manages its human resource department through a decentralized human resource system, which means that not only management can have an input in decision-making but employees can as well. Coca…show more content…
Introduction and implementation of the manifesto happened during training sessions and multi-day workshops. In these training sessions, employees around the world learned about the manifesto and the need for it. Employees also discussed strategies on how to implement the Manifesto’s principles into their daily work schedule. Due to Coca Cola’s global presence, each element of Coca Cola’s employment process varies with location. Human resource departments strive to involve employees in many of the decisions made throughout the company. Many differences exist among the different employee groups throughout the company because of geographic location, but Coca Cola’s human resources system uses employee satisfaction surveys in an effort to meet the needs of the various groups. Acknowledging these differences has improved the Coca-Cola human resource department. The company understands the need to use decentralized strategies to tie together the shared visions of the employees and management. Coca-Cola also embraces the idea of their employees joining labor unions and has always tried to promote employee organizations. Coca-Cola also has recently launched a new workers policy called the “Workplace Rights Policy,” which is a comprehensive policy on workplace rights for all employees. Growth Sales of Glaceau drinks contributed two percentage points of volume growth. Without those brands, Coke’s North American volume would
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