Coca-Cola Has A Great Presence Within The Beverage Industry

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Coca-Cola has a great presence within the beverage industry this is no different when it comes to the social media industry as well. Unfortunately, Coke has several competitors which are nipping at its heels. In my assessment of Coke and it’s major competitors I’ll be analyzing the Website design, Selection of social media platforms, and the relationship between brand websites and social media activities. As well as using several different criteria to judge each item. To begin, Coke doesn’t have an immediate link to its social media sites which is evident in the figure in the appendix of the company’s North America home page. The links which include YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are all at the bottom of the page. Which to me…show more content…
For example, they’re all formatted in the same uniform way, but coke needs to improve its visual appeal. Unfortunately, Pepsi has the best website page in terms of appeal and being engaged. Coke doesn’t do a great job of differentiating from it’s competition in terms of social media selection each company has leaks that lead to all of the major social media platforms. Coke typically posts the same information and ads across each platform that the competition. Youtube is primarily the main hub spot for all of the social media sites via YouTube 's share feature. With a few additional clicks the YouTube video along with the caption is up on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This much like the website is in uniform fashion for Cokes competitors as well. The exact same method is used for Sprite and Pepsi too. Refer to the annex for an illustrated example of how video sharing are congruent. Although, coke isn’t able to separate from the competition in terms of social media selection they excel at producing better content than the other two brands. For example, Sprite is extremely close minded in their social media marketing content. It’s actually painfully obvious who Sprite has their sights on which is urban youths with different interests whether it be a sport or music sometimes they combine the two. A prime example of this is the ad on the company 's Youtube page which has Sprites major brand ambassador in Lebron James and a

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