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Human Resource Management helps us to learn to be an effective HR manager. Here to study HRM development process Coca-Cola Company is being selected. Coca-Cola is a big & very popular company doing its business in soft drink arena for more than 100 years. Coca-cola has been practicing HRM activities since they started. The HRM department of coca-cola makes them moving globally as the world’s leading beverage company in the world.

1.a Three key HRM activities of Coca-Cola
HR acts as a tactical associate for coca-cola in a various means. For instance, it allows them to meet up company’s aims and objectives by making sure ‘right people in right places’ ( It was not easy for the
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For instance, to avoid physical accidents they make sure: * Providing a secure workplace * Continuous basis monitoring & observation process * To identify & take preventive actions of any kind of risks
HR department of coca-cola works to assess the health & safety measures which help them to minimize the chance of having accidents. (

Training on health & safety: Coca-cola train their people about health & safety in a regular basis. As soon as they recruit new people, they also make sure the new staffs are aware of the company’s health & safety policy. Sometimes company arrange some basic training for the workers about health & safety. (

Monitoring system: Coca-cola has a strict monitoring system on health and safety. Yearly two times they have a regular verification on health & safety management. So, if there is problemin the standards they can rectify & take necessary steps to solve the problem.
Performance appraisal: Coca-cola knows well that employees are one of the biggest parts of their business on the way to success. They motivate workers by means of performance appraisal. There is a yearly basis performance appraisal monitoring system applied in coca-cola. They have short time goals for each year & the company seeks the

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