Coca Cola Internal Analysis

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Internal analysis of the Coca Cola Company internal Environment Using Resource Based View analysis By: (Name) Presented to: (Instructor’s Name, Course) (Institution’s Name) (Date) All Rights Reserved Executive Summary Coca-cola Company is leading manufacturer, distributor, and marketer of non alcoholic drinks in the United States of America and all over the world. It is a multinational Giant company that has market presence in almost all countries of the world. The company has also diversified from its initial soft drinks to manufacture fruit juices and other non-soda drinks. Its objective has been to maintain its global leadership in supply of beverages and other non-soda drinks through…show more content…
Intangible Resources The Company’s intangible resources include the technical resources, intellectual and goodwill. Coca cola company has for a long time enjoyed technical resources that have helped the company has technical expertise in production of some products that have been of great use fostering the company’s goals. The company has been able to come up with numerous flavors in their soft drinks such as such as , Orange flavor, Pineapple, black currant, lemon, Ginger and so on. These productions are a clear indication that the company has great expertise knowledge that it uses as an advantage of other companies offering similar products, the company also enjoys intellectual All Rights Reserved property of the brands that they provide. This is because once a company does research and development and comes up with a product, it has the option of patenting that particular product thus maintaining the exclusive rights to supply that particular product (Edvinsson & Malone, 1997). The company has also enjoyed a goodwill and customer loyalty over a long period of time this has been an internal strength that it has used to its advantage since the coca Cola brand and its products have enjoyed an undying loyalty from consumers. The brand visibility of the company has also ensured that many people access the products really in time. Distinctive capabilities
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