Coca Cola Internal and External Factors

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STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT COHESION CASE: THE COCA-COLA COMPANY Source: Excerpted from Pearce, J.A. and Robinson, R.B. (1994). "Strategic Management: Formulation, Implementation, and Control". Irwing. Adapted by Diego Medina. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria University I. COMPANY MISSION AT THE COCA-COLA COMPANY At the heart of Coca-Cola, especially in its first 100 years, there has been a commitment to intense marketing and to the preservation of its patented formulas and processes to make its special syrup. The intense secrecy that always has surrounded Coke's formula has long fostered an organizational obsession with secrecy pertaining to other information about Coke and its operations. In the early 1990s, Roberto Goizueta shared the…show more content…
to add value to our customers' businesses. In an age where everyone has basically the same information at the same time, the advantage goes to people who can take information and quickly put it to effective and profitable use... It means having people who can create a competitive advantage". II. FORMULATING LONG-TERM OBJECTIVES AT THE COCA-COLA COMPANY The four key REWARDS the Coca-Cola Company seeks are: Satisfied consumers who return again and again to our brands for refreshment. Profitable customers who rely on our worldwide brands and services. Communities around the world where we are an economic contributor and welcomed guest. Successful business partners. Shareholders who are building value through the power of the Coca-Cola system. The Company identifies several long-term objectives that support these reward intentions. Management's primary objective is to maximize shareowner value over time. The Company then indicates that the following objectives help accomplish this overarching objective: "Maximize long-term cash flow by increasing gallon sales, optimising profit margins, expanding global business systems through investment in areas offering attractive returns. The principle objective of bottling investments is to ensure the strongest and most efficient production, distribution, and marketing systems possible, in order to maximize long-term growth in volume, cash
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