Coca Cola Knowledge Management

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The objective of this paper is to examine the factors that contribute to the success of an enterprise towards future 2020, by taking a specific enterprise of (Coca-cola company / SIA) for analysis. The research peers into long-term trends of the opportunities and challenges that the enterprise might encounter. At the same time consider in detail of the business model and key features of the enterprise and specific details of the knowledge worker roles, and the skills, knowledge, and attributes required for this business to become insurmountable.


Future scape of a enterprise

Instead of knowledge management systems or enterprise applications or our e-mail to manage information, it should be that the systems to
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On the other hand, many other organizations felt that there will be valuable know-how worth capturing, and would use resources like communities of practice and professional networks, documentation processes and work process knowledge capture through advanced software. There were few or no plans for engineering out the work or changing processes as a replacement for retention strategies.
For the 26- to 40-year-old worker, the top strategies for retaining workers’ knowledge when they leave their job will be through communities of practice and professional networks, followed by documentation processes, the education and training of replacement employment, and the capture of work process knowledge through advanced software. There was little or no interest in engineering out the work or changing processes in place of retention strategies.

Technology investments. The investments of technology to support performance improvement for the 25 year old worker or younger.

Collaboration tools is one of the example. As according to, collaborative work will be the most valuable type of future work and that collaborative skills will be the most highly valued skill set of the younger work. Technology investments will also directed toward enabling improved communication, information access and mobil work through enhanced e-mail, search and portals infrastructure, virtual workspace tools and information processing tools for visualization, expertise location and business
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