Coca-Cola: Marketing Plan

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Coca-Cola: Marketing Plan

[pic] The Coca-Cola Company was originally established in 1886 by Dr. John Styth Pemberton, since then the company has developed into one of the largest companies in the world and accomplishing more than they could ever imagine such as becoming the worlds number one manufacturer of soft drinks, operating worldwide in over 200 countries, having over a billion cans of Coca-Cola consumed everyday worldwide, to become the first company to both produce and use plastic bottles made from recycled material, the red and white trademark is one of the most recognized symbol in the world etc. shows you that Coca-Cola has come along way and continues to achieve sustainable, quality growth.

Mission & Vision
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Any business has some weaknesses that need to be reduced and observed to successfully achieve productivity and efficiency. Coca-Cola has its weakness such as side affects on teeth which raise questions as to heath concern, other concerns would be sugar which constant drinking of Coca-Cola can cause server health problems especially those who are addicted to coke.
Coca-Cola has a lot of opportunities especially in countries like South Africa that has a lot of potential to grow and become one of Coca-Colas biggest consumers. Coca-Cola is well known around 94%, the key concern would be to get the brands even better recognized. Coca-Cola’s bottling system allows the company to take advantage over countless development opportunities around the globe; this approach provides Coca-Cola the chance to service a diverse geographic region. It also has the potential to expand in to other markets other than the soft drink market. Threats [pic]
Coca-Cola’s biggest threat is its rivals being Pepsi that has put a lot of pressure on Coca-Cola to generate new tactics to effectively and efficiently overcome rivals like Pepsi. Consumer demand today can also become a threat to Coca-Cola if they do not monitor and control its consumers buying decision since there are other substitutes for soft drinks such as juice, energy drinks, milk, tea, coffee etc. Economic recession plays an important role in the business cycle which involves complex

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